The New England Patients’ Rights Group, Inc. was founded by Linda DeBenedictis as a result of her “personal” experiences with the lack of accurate information, oversight, and accountability about medical treatment.  It was recognized as a 501C3 in 1992.  NEPRG is a support and advocacy group committed to educating the public about patients’ rights and protection and to ensure that consumers have a “voice” and representation in the health care system.

Over the years, NEPRG has networked with people and advocacy groups throughout the country to “empower” consumers to advocate for their health care rights.  In the past fifteen years, the New England Patients’ Rights Group has had several hundred letters to the editor published in magazines and newspapers throughout the nation.  NEPRG has hosted public forums and educational meetings.  Speakers have included representatives from advocacy groups, legislators, FDA, Centers for Disease Control, physicians, nurses, etc.  We’ve spoken out about safety and efficacy of drugs and side effects, treatment protocols, new vaccine mandates, access to medical records, informed consent for medical treatments such as hysterectomies and fertility issues, and HMO abuses to name a few. 

We produced a video with excerpts from news stories to highlight our extensive work with the local and national TV, radio and print media.  In 1996 NEPRG was instrumental in advocating for the “first” in the nation physician profiles, an ongoing issue, which other states have adopted.  We’ve participated in forums and roundtable discussions with key leaders such as the late Senator Paul Wellstone and Congressman John Joseph Moakley concerning health care access and rights.

Our mission is to continue to advocate for the rights and protection of medical consumers and to “include” medical consumers in the system“Quality health care is a right” is our trademark and from the beginning we stated that, OURvoices will be heard, and if WE work together, WEwill make a difference!”

The New England Patients' Rights Group, Inc. does not endorse any treatment protocol or provider. We believe that the consumer must have the "right" to make an "informed" decision after receiving accurate/unbiased information and honest outcome data.

~New England Patients’ Rights Group Published Editorials~
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